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2006 CorvetteIn July 2004 we bought our first Corvette. As a boy, I remember taking evening walks with my Dad around our neighborhood and sometimes down to the corner to the Chevy dealer. We peered through the window at the new 1953 Corvettes with wire mesh covering the headlights saying something like, "That sure is a nice car, but $2500 is a lot of money." It took over 50 years to spring for the dough and buy a very slightly used C5.

The picture shows our next 'Vette, a 2006 C6, in very good company at a car show in the mall. We traded the 2006 on a 2009 in September, 2009.

I drove Corvettes from July, 2004, until March, 2016, for a total eleven years and eight months and 160,000 miles, more than six times around the world.  Including the original tires on each car, I count seven and a half sets of tires at prices of $1,500 and up per set.  Assuming 23 mpg and an average speed of 30 mph, that is just less than 7,000 gallons of gasoline and 225 days behind the wheel.  The most expensive gasoline I bought was $4.50 per gallon for one tank of premium during a freak local gas shortage in the fall of 2008 at 10:30 pm on my way home from a barbershop rehearsal.  Interestingly enough, the only time I was stopped by the police was for (slightly) rolling a stop sign just after buying that tank of gas.  The officer let me off with a warning when I told him that I did it as a fuel conservation measure.  He hadn’t heard that one before.

Ex-member of the National Corvette Museum and Corvettes Limited of Central Georgia.

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