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Thursday, 10 March 2011 18:23

Virfurile is set in foothills that eventually become the Transylvanian Alps. One morning we hiked up and down a hill behind the village and on two other afternoons, we went by car to the quarry above Virfurile. The following picture shows the view from the hill with our host house in the center of the frame. The quarry is located behind the clump of trees in the upper right of the picture.

The Village of Virfurile

Here is the quarry, a main industry in Virfurile. The quarry is all but closed now. They supplied rock to the state owned railroad, but the railroad did not pay its bill. The irony is that the quarry is also owned by the state.


This man is making granite cubes for export in the quarry. He receives 300 lei (about three cents) for each block.


I imagine the scenery was even more beautiful two weeks or so before our trip because the hardwood trees had already lost their leaves for the winter. The fall colors must have been wonderful with the reds and yellows glowing in the mountain sunlight. There are hills (they call them "tops") visible from Virfurile which had snow on them in early November.

Distant Mountains

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