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Thursday, 10 March 2011 18:21

On the way to Virfurile and while in the village, we visited two mayors, two clinics, one orphanage, one school, and one market.

The mayor of Virfurile impressed upon us that, though they appreciated the ambulance donated to the clinic by the Dodge County Baptist Association, they did not want pity. He was interested in building the infrastructure and the local economy. The important projects in his mind are improving telephone communications and roads. This picture shows the Pastor Dronca presenting a 1999 calendar to the mayor with one of our translators looking on. The second picture was taken during a meeting with the Mayor of Halamagiu.

Visiting the Mayor

Our Meeting

The orphanage is located in Beius and is operated by a Romanian relief agency. It is bright and clean. We did not see a state-run orphanage.

Beius Orphanage

This is a painting on the wall done by a previous group of visitors. They tell me the words say, "Jesus loves the little children. All the children of the world." And He does.

A Little Child Shall Lead Them

Here are some of the kids. The big kid, second from the left, is one of our translators. He comes from a village about 5 km from Beius and his sister works at the orphanage.


The children at this school sang and put on a show for us and we gave them matchbox cars or dolls, candy and pencils. But, we gave everyone matchbox cars or dolls, candy and pencils.

School Children

In the market, they sold animals and a variety of other products.

Open Air Market

One man invited us to take his picture and then wanted the picture. When we told him our cameras were not the instant developing kind, he wanted money instead. He was disappointed that we gave him American dollars rather than Deutschmarks.


Pictures by John J. Vencill and Dan Adkins

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