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Thursday, 10 March 2011 18:18

Note: Since our trip, the school changed its name to Emmanuel University of Oradea in keeping with its growth and increased status. For more information, visit their or contact them.

Here is a picture of the main building of the Emmanuel Bible Institute of Oradea. It is the largest Evangelical Seminary in Europe and currently has 500 students. Dr. Paul Negrut, President of EBI, has plans to grow to 2000 students. They are currently constructing a second building very similar to this one. It will serve as a dormitory for the expanding student population. EBI has recently secured funding to enable them to begin construction of a chapel. Dr. Negrut gave this picture to us.

Main Building at EBI

Students come from a variety of countries. One student from Siberia heard about EBI from a former student of his town, sold everything he owned, traveled 8000 miles for a week on a train, and showed up on the school's doorstep because he felt he had been called.

During our visit, the pastors in our group met with and taught the Theology students and the laymen sat in on a class in the Management school. We addressed the class on business practices and answered questions. Our group included a bank president and two people who have started successful companies from scratch who spoke from practical experience in the business world.

Dr. Jerry Peele taught classes to the Theology students on the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes. He reports that a lively discussion followed which touched on many of the moral and ethical questions of our time.

Students Sponsored by Middle Georgians

In the afternoon, we met the students that our churches and several individuals from Middle Georgia sponsor. The above picture shows Randall Lewis taping a greeting from a Ukrainian student to his sponsor in Georgia. The cost to sponsor a student is $800 per year and, except for the music course, it takes four years to graduate.

Upon our return from Virfurile by bus on Sunday, we attended the Emmanuel Baptist Church with Dr. Paul Negrut.

We stayed in the dormitory at EBI for two nights before and one night after visiting Virfurile and ate most meals with Dr. Paul Negrut. We appreciated and enjoyed the hospitality of EBI on the part of Dr. Negrut, the faculty, and the students.

EBI picture supplied by EBI.

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