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Written by John J. Vencill   
Wednesday, 09 March 2011 13:57

I create and maintain web pages for church and hobby organizations and small businesses. I created my first HTML web page in 1993.  I now specialize in interactive web pages using PHP and MySQL, such as Joomla page sets.

A retired Electrical Engineer specializing in communications by training, I have worked for three of the premier companies of the aerospace industry for over 38 years. I spent most of twenty years in software and system engineering, including application program development, software technology investigations and configuration management.

I have written communication system analysis and simulation software, embedded avionics system software, and radar system data reduction software in FORTRAN, Ada, C, C++, Assembly Language, a little bit of yacc and lex. I have used script languages including Bourne Shell, C Shell, Korn Shell, and Tcl/Tk for IBM DOS, VAX/VMS, and UNIX operating systems. As a supervisor, I have a working knowledge of X Windows, system administration, and data base systems. Three times in my career, I have had to read (but not generate) JOVIAL '73 code. Oh yes, at one company I had to use a MacIntosh computer on an office network and was responsible for nightly backup of files on these computers in our group.

Though I have also worked on the F-15, A-12, YF-23, and E-8 aircraft projects, I like the F/A-18 the best, probably because I developed its Mission Computer software for nine years.

I took my first computer class from Dr. John McCarthy in 1960.

An early home computer owner, I bought my first home computer in 1978, an Apple II, serial A2S1-3669.

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